Bring Me the Rhinoceros

And Other Zen Koans to Save Your Life.

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bring me the rhinocerosReviews of Bring Me the Rhinoceros

“John Tarrant is one of the most interesting minds in American Buddhism. He weaves his deep immersion in Buddhist practice, Western psychology, and the arts into a unique yet completely authentic story of the Zen life and its mysteries.”

— Melvin McLeod, editor-in-chief,
The Shambhala Sun

“You’ve never read a Zen book like this before. Having digested the traditional koan literature, which he has taught for many years, Zen teacher John Tarrant cheerfully goes beyond it. His koan re-tellings read like postmodern short fiction, complete with anti-heroic characters, visible scenery, and attitude. Rather than the usual Zen mystique that treats koans as arcane meditation objects, Tarrant discusses them as open secrets that actually matter for our lives here and now.”

— Zoketsu Norman Fischer, poet and Zen priest; author of
Sailing Home: Using the Wisdom of Homer’s Odyssey
to Navigate Life’s Perils and Pitfalls

 “Bring Me the Rhinoceros is one of the best books ever written about Zen.”

— Stephen Mitchell, translator of
Gilgamesh: A New English Version

 “Here’s a book to crack the happiness code if ever there was one. Forget about self-improvement, five-point plans, and inspirational seminars that you can’t remember a word of a week later. Tarrant’s is the fix that fixes nothing because there is nothing to fix. Your life is a koan, a deep question whose answer you are already living; this is the true inspiration, and Tarrant delivers.”

— Roger Housden, author of
The Ten Poems series

 “Every life is full of koans, and yet you can’t learn from a book how to understand them. You need someone to put you in the right frame of mind to see the puzzles and paradoxes of your experience. With intelligence, humor, and steady deep reflection, John Tarrant does this as no one has done it before. This book could take you to a different and important level of experience.”

— Thomas Moore, author of
Care of the Soul

 “John Tarrant’s talent for telling these classic Zen tales transforms them magically into a song in which, as you read, the words disappear as the music continues to echo in your mind and make you happy. Mysteriously, like koans.”

–Sylvia Boorstein, author of
Pay Attention, For Goodness Sake